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Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby is director of Priority Health of South Carolina, an Integrative Medical center in Murrells Inlet.  This practice is a general holistic and conventional medicine setting with special focus on Preventive Medical Care (advanced biomarkers for the early detection and prevention of disease).  

A particular interest and focus is on correct hormonal and nutritional balance for thyroid, gonadal hormones (estrogen, testosterone) and adrenal hormones.  Dr. Saleeby prescribed conventional Western Medicines as well as alternatives to pharmaceuticals (nutraceuticals, Medical Foods, dietary supplements).  

We also see patients for nutritional counseling and IV infusions (Myer's Cocktail), as well as safe weight loss programs.  The practice does accept most medical insurance, but there are some exceptions, please call to discuss.  Our main office number is a toll-free (800) 965-8482 and if the staff ask you to fax documents please use our toll-free secure e-fax (888) 242-0735.

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